chiropractic care and pregnancyJennifer L. from Elkhart, Indiana, had the following to say about how chiropractic care helped her during pregnancy, and has given us permission to share her experience on our blog:

Pregnant? Just had a baby? Chiropractic care will save you a lot of grief and pain! You won’t regret it. I certainly didn’t.

[When] I moved to Elkhart, I was blessed to be connected with Dr. Kevin Hancock … I remember my first visit very vividly. I was in a great amount of pain, and literally after the first visit I felt more relief immediately then I ever did anywhere else. I have been under his care since September of 2010. I have never felt so good! I had pain everyday for the prior 6 years. I went from 8’s and 9’s on a pain scale of 1-10, down to 0’s and occasionally very low numbers. Chiropractic care HELPS and makes a world of difference in just everyday life and mobility, as well as health. It may take a little time and a commitment to weekly visits, but definitely worth it!

Since being adjusted on a weekly basis I have gained strength back in my back, neck, and hips, have not been sick in these past two years at all, and overall feel absolutely wonderful!

Chiropractic and pregnancy

Then the time came this past December when I became pregnant. I continued with weekly chiropractic care right up until the time of birth. I was there on Tuesday, August 21st, and delivered on Thursday, August 23rd! I felt incredibly good during the entire pregnancy. I never experienced morning sickness, did not have food cravings, and really only had a few days where I felt tired. Of course I did have real busy days during those times too, so that might have just been normal life tiredness! I was able to move around great, and was sleeping well right up until the birth of our son.

Some may say I just lucked out, but I believe 100% it was due to chiropractic care. I know how I used to feel. Not only did I feel good throughout the pregnancy, I had heard it helps with the birth, and I would have to once again agree. From the time my water broke, I progressed like clockwork. I felt great!

How chiropractic affected my labor

I did choose to have an epidural, which can be a very scary thing since it’s dealing with your spine. But here is yet another reason why chiropractic care is so important! The anesthesiologist kept raving about how great my epidural was going, how well I was taking it, and how easy it was for him to administer it. I was not sure what that really meant at all at that point. The nurses would come in to have me move to different positions, and were shocked that I could move my legs so well, all while still being numb.

A day or so after I was home it hit me. It had to be because I had been adjusted so frequently and so well that my spine was lined up the way it should, so he could do his job easily and not hit any nerves! A big bonus that was. I’ve heard horror stories of it hitting nerves and only working on one side, or even like my friend, reversing and numbing from waist up, and not waist down. OUCH … I can only imagine that horror. Right there would be enough to make me say I want regular chiropractic care!

I had mentioned to [my chiropractor] that I had high expectations since I was getting adjusted that I would have an easy labor! HA! Well … I did! Talk about an enjoyable experience. When it came time to push, the nurse was even commenting on how well our baby was lined up. She told me that by the looks of his positioning it was going to be a quick one. That it was. 35 minutes of pushing and Conner James was here! Now if that doesn’t sell you on the need for regular chiropractic care, I don’t know what will!

Chiropractic and my newborn

I healed quickly, and did not experience the after-birth pain that so many do. I was home that next week after delivery, but immediately the following week I was back to Dr. Kevin to continue with my regular visits, and yes, I brought Conner with me to be adjusted as well. Once again, the things you hear about babies being adjusted are ringing true for us. He is eating well, sleeping well, and rarely cries. (Come on now … isn’t that worth a visit for your baby right there?)

Babies sure do go through quite the trauma when in the womb and coming through the birth canal. I’m so thankful to have Dr. Kevin be so skilled and knowledgeable in what does that he can also play such a vital role in the overall health of not only myself, but also in the life of our son Conner James. What a blessing it has been to be under his care.

Chiropractic care works! But please, don’t just take my word for it. Schedule an appointment and see for yourself! It will be the one of the best investments you can make for your overall health and life.

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    Nice article. I have always felt that people dont think of chiropractic care when it comes to pregnancy but it can be a big help. Hopefully people will read this because it has good testimonials and information.