4333555634_8f48cd0e12_bDo you tend to feel a little down during the winter? It could be mild winter depression or just a normal reaction to the shorter days and colder weather. Whatever the reason, winter can be a rough time of year for some people. We’ve compiled some tips for fighting off the lethargy (they’re good tips for everyone!).


Adjusting Your Diet

Consider avoiding sugar and starches. Because they don’t provide long-lasting energy, only a short rush, our bodies tend to crash soon after sugary or starchy snacks. Instead of turning to your favorite comfort food, choose healthy foods with lots of protein and nutrients.

Take vitamins, especially vitamin D (we recommend oral vitamin D3). Given the lack of sunshine during winter months, many people are vitamin D deficient. Additionally, if you aren’t getting enough vitamins from your diet, a vitamin supplement can boost your energy.


Sleeping and Exercise

Make sure you’re getting enough rest, but not too much. Longer nights can throw off your sleep cycle, so keeping a consistent sleep schedule is very important. Although it’s tempting to sleep in on dark mornings, that can actually lead to lower energy.

Exercise is the last thing we want to do when we’re tired, right? Strangely enough, exercise can actually boost energy. Consider picking a sport you like or starting an exercise program you can look forward to. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our post on winter exercise tips.


Reach out to people

Giving back to your community can be a great way to boost your mood. Find a volunteering opportunity in the area or do something nice for the people in your life.

Plan to spend time with your family or friends. Even though socializing can be the last thing we want to do when we’re feeling down, spending time with people who care is a great way to feel energized. Go ahead and plan that coffee date!


Other Tips

Wear bright colors. In the months of grey and white, a bright coat or scarf can be just the thing you need to smile.

Start a new project or hobby. Challenging yourself can give you something to look forward to every day. And your feeling of accomplishment when you finish is sure to give you a burst of energy.

Plan something exciting! Looking forward to a concert, vacation, or new purchase can be a bright spot in the long winter.

Finally, sometimes the answer can be as simple as walking outside. Lift your face to the sun, admire the snow, enjoy the break from the heat, and see if your mood doesn’t lift at least a little.

Winter can be an exciting time—full of holidays and fires and boots and scarves. Don’t let the down sides get to you.

Tell us about your favorite part of winter!

Photo Credit: Robby Mueller via Compfight cc