hot stone massageYou know how good it feels when you pull hot clothes from the dryer and put them on? Or when you come inside on a cold day and grab a hot drink or a heated blanket? Now imagine that feeling combined with a massage—magic, right?

We are now offering hot stone massage, a version of massage therapy that uses heated stones to stimulate key pressure points and relax muscles. If you have never seen hot stone massage (we hadn’t, until Danielle showed us!), you probably have a lot of questions, such as:

Is hot stone massage better than regular massage therapy?

It’s not necessarily better, but hot stone massage does have some unique benefits. The heat relaxes your muscles, so it’s easier for the therapist to work your deep tissue without causing any pain. Also, the heat improves circulation. And it’s just relaxing!

If you tend to be cold, very sensitive, or have especially tense muscles, hot stone massage might be better for you.

What will she do with the hot stones?

Your therapist will place some stones along your spine and other key points while she massages other parts of your body. She may also use stones as an extension of her hand as she massages.

What kind of stones does she use?

Typically basalt stones, a type of lava rock that absorbs heat well. They are generally river rocks, worn smooth by the water.

How hot are the stones? Can I get burned?

The stones are typically about 120 degrees. Your therapist will be very careful to cool them enough that you don’t get burned. Of course, if they are ever too hot, tell her immediately!

I’m pregnant, can I get a hot stone massage?

If you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure, you should probably not have hot stone massage. You may still be able to have a regular massage—if in doubt, talk to your doctor and massage therapist.

Come in and try a hot stone massage—it’s warm, relaxing, and good for your health!

Have questions we didn’t answer? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ron says

    my wife was at your event last Sunday and got your card for a massage. I’d like to get her a gift card or something there for a massage, do you have gift cards? Also, what are your rates for an hour?
    Thank You

    • dts_admin says

      Ron, sorry for the delayed response! Danielle or someone from our office will get in touch with you shortly with details.

      –Emily (webmaster)

  2. says

    Hot stones are great as an add on with a massage. When they are incorporated into a massage session it’s lovely! Who doesn’t love a massage right? ! The added heat feels wonderful on the back. Enjoy! :)