6 Healthy Soups for Cold Nights

3100872123_226c5e5326_bWinter’s just around the corner and the air is already a little nippy, which means soup makes a perfect supper! Store-bought soups are often high in sodium and full of unhealthy additives, so what are healthy soup options for these cold nights? We’ve collected a few recipes that are healthy and fairly simple:
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Treatment plans explained very well

“My family doctor agreed that chiropractic care would be helpful. [I now have] less pain and more mobility. The doctors are very knowledgeable. Doctors and staff are professional and courteous.

“The treatment plan and expectations of improvement are explained very well. Patient care is important to all the staff.”

~A Chambersburg Chiropractic patient

Wonderful attitudes, no long waits

“I went from barely being able to bend to feeling like a normal, ‘youthful’ human again. Everyone was extremely great! Wonderful attitudes and always seem to care. Very professional, and comfortable environment. I would definitely recommend.

“I am so happy that the first chiropractor I chose was the best. I do not think that there is anything that could be made better. I never even had to wait long, it was always smooth flowing. Thank you!” 

– Regina C.