Whole body feels better

“My body itself, unrelated to my injury, is feeling better in many ways. Certain movements such as sitting Indian style used to be almost impossible. Now, no problems at all. … Our bodies endure a lot of daily strenuous activities. I think we could all use chiropractic care on a monthly basis.” -Reno W. 

Takes time to inform me

“I don’t like taking medicine to cover up the discomfort and chiropractic care allows me to fix my body without medicine. I’ve been a fan of chiropractic care for a long time. 

“I have visited other chiropractors but I have never been informed about what was going on with the affected area. Just the time Dr. Fiss has taken is amazing, and the staff is wonderful!!” – Milissa H. 

It really works!

“I had severe leg pain because of driving. I heard Dr. Bosko once say that we should not ever be in pain and how getting adjusted can help make it go away. No more leg pain or cramps, even though I still drive the same distances. For anyone that has pain and is tired of just taking pain pills—it really works!” – Marilyn M. 

Back to a normal, active life

“I had numbness and pain in my arms, legs and back. I went from hardly being able to move to back to living a normal, active life.

“The medical care was excellent. The doctors explained things so I could understand, so I felt more secure with my cane. They were all very kind, considerate and helpful.” -A Chambersburg Chiropractic patient