Chiropractic helps a newborn

infant chiropracticHere’s a testimonial from patient Lauren Y. about how chiropractic care has helped her newborn thrive:

“Our newborn was experiencing acid reflux, allergies, and digestive pain. I’ve had wonderful experiences with chiropractic care in the past, and I’ve been pain-free ever since. My husband and I were confident chiropractic care would do the same for for our newborn.

“Our newborn is now pain-free.
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Welcoming and Personable

“I decided to seek non-invasive treatment for cracking and stiffness in the neck, and tense muscles. The cracking seems to be less. Everyone is pleasant, welcoming and personable. Office is warm, clean, attractive and welcoming.” -Sue M.

Can exercise wear out my joints?

can exercise wear out my joints

Patients frequently ask me about health studies they have read or heard about and express concerns about the potential risks they’ve just learned of.

The difficulty with many health studies is knowing how to apply information to real-life situations in a useful way, instead of allowing them to scare us.

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5 simple, healthy office snacks

If you work in an office, chances are you’re familiar with that “snack attack” that strikes around 10 or 2. When the hunger hits and you don’t have much time for a break, it’s hard to make a good choice—especially when the vending machine features an alluring array of empty carbs, soft drinks that may contain 10 teaspoons (!!) of sugar, and cleverly rearranged iterations of corn. Many of these snacks are not only bad for you, but they’re also overpriced, not very filling, and can set you up for a “sugar crash” later in the day.

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Are energy drinks dangerous?

energy drinksA recent report revealed that last year there were more than 20,000 emergency room visits due to energy drinks. Most of these visits were by young adults and teenagers, and the symptoms ranged from anxiety to seizures. I have seen the commercials saying these products are safe, and you’ll see them sitting there at almost every gas station and grocery store checkout counter.
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The best place to come for *real* help

“I needed other help besides pills & shots. Coming here was a very good choice for me. I feel so much better and am working on getting a lot better too. (Some days are better than others.) The staff girls are very polite … Doctors are very knowledgeable. I will keep coming here—the best place to come for real help and get results.” –A Chambersburg Chiropractic patient

Natural, homeopathic treatment option

“I had an injured hip and wanted a more ‘homeopathic’ treatment option. The doctors and staff are very helpful (especially with working with my complicated schedule); also very informative and personable. [Currently I’m] not sure about my hip because I have not resumed strenuous activity yet. As for my adjustments, I haven’t noticed a difference in how I feel, but I continue care to prevent future problems. I like their approach to treatment and prevention of injury/illness (less invasive, more natural).” ~Tonya B.