Everything clearly explained

“[I had] pain in the middle part of my back and also pain in the back of my neck. Also, my massage therapist recommended I see a doctor. … At the beginning I experienced all-day pain. Eventually, I only had pain off and on, plus it wasn’t as intense. My neck seems more flexible and I can turn my head farther to the side.

“I am very pleased. I learned a lot about how chiropractic care works and what to expect from my treatments. Dr. Fiss explains things so well; it’s easy to understand. Also, Dr. Bosko is very nice and does a thorough job. … You don’t have to wonder why you are there or why you are getting certain treatments. Everything is made clear beforehand. Plus, everyone is very aware of keeping you at a nice pace to not waste your time. Great place!”

~Denise C.

Sciatica pain relief

“I had sciatica pain that regular doctors seemed unable to help. Now, pain is greatly reduced and I’ve drastically cut back on pain meds. Top-notch care.” ~Chambersburg Chiropractic patient

Relief after 7 years

“I have found relief from pain that has been part of my life for 7 years (Recurrent lower back pain, also headaches for the past few weeks). The headaches have completely resolved. The back pain has improved.”