Chiropractic care for young children

Chiropractic care helps children as well! One of our clients had this to say about the effects of chiropractic care on the care of a little girl named Sarah, who has scoliosis:

“Sarah is improved and more pleasant. Her episodes of misbehavior at her day care have improved. Cramping has improved—not gone, but better. Her BMs are more normal with fewer accidents.”

If you’d like to talk to us about how chiropractic care might help a child in your life, talk to one of our doctors during your next appointment or contact our office staff.

Doing a great job with me

“I was waking up at night with back pain and couldn’t bend over without being in some kind of pain. Now my neck feels real good, there’s not much pain in the middle of the back, and I feel some difference in my lower back. I feel the staff is doing a great job with me!”

-John B.

Chiropractic and pregnancy: a testimonial


chiropractic care and pregnancyJennifer L. from Elkhart, Indiana, had the following to say about how chiropractic care helped her during pregnancy, and has given us permission to share her experience on our blog:

Pregnant? Just had a baby? Chiropractic care will save you a lot of grief and pain! You won’t regret it. I certainly didn’t.

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I was tired of back pain

I was tired of back pain and my husband [was] giving me “gentle” hints to get it taken care of! [Now I can] move more freely in the morning.

Everyone is friendly, inviting and very helpful. … I think you are great!

-Elaine R.

No more sharp, stabbing pain

The day I came in I could barely move, was very sore and tight. [Now] I can move and have no more sharp stabbing pain but am still tight.

[The office staff is] very nice and friendly, get you in and out without a huge wait. [They] came in on a Friday to help me when I was in the worst pain.

My whole family comes here, and we love it.

-Jennifer W.

They take time to explain your health

I was tired of my neck hurting. [Now] I notice my neck is straighter and not pulling to the right. Unlike my experience with other chiropractic doctors, here at Chambersburg Chiro the doctors take time to explain your health and well-being. 

-Connie H.