A great alternative

I was not feeling well overall and was having lower back pain. All other tests were normal and someone suggested seeing a chiropractor. [Now] I am not having any of the overall sickness feelings. I am not having the lower back and hip pain as before treatment.

Everyone [here] is extremely nice, patient and helpful! For someone that is not feeling well, can’t get answers with a family physician, this is a great alternative. I have had excellent results.

– Holly B.

The doctors here care

“[I was] having pain in the left leg after having a hip replacement … Both doctors are wonderful—they take the time to explain everything and they care. [Chambersburg] has helped me a lot.”
-Linda R.

Great results

“[I feel] much better—no real lower back pain anymore. The pain in my left hip has been relieved with the given exercise. [My experience with Chambersburg Chiropractic has been] fantastic, as the time before. It is a very personable place and I’ve had great results.” -Chambersburg patient