chambersburg natural health professional DK Guyer

Dr. DK Guyer

After spending years working in telecommunications, DK left her corporate job to peruse her passion: organic products and natural health. In 2004, she founded Gardens by Grace, LLC, an organic medicinal tea, herb, and spice manufacturing business. Listening to customers’ health issues and desire for knowledge, she gained an appreciation for how many people were disillusioned with the misinformation about how to achieve and maintain great health.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Wilson College in Chambersburg, and moving forward with the goal of an MBA, she completely altered her collegiate goals. DK left the MBA program at Andrew Jackson University, went back to college, and earned a second bachelor’s degree. In 2013, she celebrated the achievement of Doctorate of Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition.

In 2019, Gardens by Grace, LLC, was sold to a new owner. DK is dedicated to helping clients address the cause of a health condition rather than treating symptoms. She is a published author, natural health educator and shares valuable health information through her YouTube channel. She has helped thousands of people enjoy better health.

“Your health is the greatest asset you will ever own .” DK Guyer, PhD

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