How do X-rays help?

When you come for your initial patient assessment, you and Dr. Fiss will review your medical history and talk through any symptoms or conditions you’re experiencing. We’ll then do a visual assessment of your spine, posture, and the region of your primary complaint. The next step in most cases will be an X-ray.


The X-rays are taken while you’re in an upright position, which allows the chiropractor to evaluate the structure of the spine, with special attention to problem areas. 

While chiropractic has one of the lowest risk factors of available medical treatments, a good chiropractor will take every safety precaution. There are a handful of cases in which a patient has a neck or spine condition that would make manipulation too risky. The best way to rule these conditions out is through a quick X-ray.

But X-ray analysis has other benefits. You and your chiropractor will be able to see how your symptoms correspond with places in your spine that are misaligned, not maintaining the proper curves, and so forth. It can also identify developing problems that haven’t caused symptoms yet.

The X-rays, the visual assessment and your conversation with the chiropractor are all important tools in helping us determine your best course of treatment.

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