The ProAdjuster, a recent development in chiropractic care, provides fast, accurate, and individualized treatment.

During a spinal adjustment, a chiropractor applies pressure to misaligned vertebrae to restore proper motion and improve nervous system function. Traditionally adjustments have been done by hand, but in recent years, tools using computer technology have made the process more precise. One such advanced tool is the ProAdjuster, used here at Chambersburg Chiropractic.

The ProAdjuster incorporates both a computer program that interprets data and a hand-held tool that analyzes joint motion and also administers the adjustment itself.   

Many of our patients find a ProAdjuster session to be relaxing and more comfortable than a traditional adjustment. Patients remain seated during the session, and because the tool administers only the pressure that each individual joint needs, the treatments tend to be gentler and more consistent.

Precise Analysis

The first phase of a ProAdjuster session is analysis. You sit with your neck slightly curved forward while your chiropractor uses the hand-held instrument to evaluate each of your spine’s 24 moveable vertebrae. You’ll feel a very slight oscillating clicking pressure.  That’s the ProAdjuster emitting a 6-lb impulse that reads the response of each joint, which it then analyzes via computer.

The ProAdjuster then presents this information in an easy-to-read display, so you can see for yourself which of your joints are too stiff or too fluid.

Gentle Adjustment

The next phase is the adjustment itself. Your chiropractor will use the ProAdjuster tool to adjust each vertebra that is out of its proper range. It will apply exactly the right amount of pressure needed to restore movement for that particular joint, using a controlled frequency of oscillations that lasts a few seconds. There is no guesswork involved. It is computerized, comfortable, and consistent.

Finally, your chiropractor will repeat the analysis and see the changes in each of the vertebrae.

While our office still provides manual spinal adjusting techniques, “traditional” chiropractic care, many people prefer the ProAdjuster approach. Talk to our doctors about what treatment style is best for you.

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