Welcoming and Personable

“I decided to seek non-invasive treatment for cracking and stiffness in the neck, and tense muscles. The cracking seems to be less. Everyone is pleasant, welcoming and personable. Office is warm, clean, attractive and welcoming.” -Sue M.

The best place to come for *real* help

“I needed other help besides pills & shots. Coming here was a very good choice for me. I feel so much better and am working on getting a lot better too. (Some days are better than others.) The staff girls are very polite … Doctors are very knowledgeable. I will keep coming here—the best place to come for real help and get results.” –A Chambersburg Chiropractic patient

Natural, homeopathic treatment option

“I had an injured hip and wanted a more ‘homeopathic’ treatment option. The doctors and staff are very helpful (especially with working with my complicated schedule); also very informative and personable. [Currently I’m] not sure about my hip because I have not resumed strenuous activity yet. As for my adjustments, I haven’t noticed a difference in how I feel, but I continue care to prevent future problems. I like their approach to treatment and prevention of injury/illness (less invasive, more natural).” ~Tonya B.

Everything clearly explained

“[I had] pain in the middle part of my back and also pain in the back of my neck. Also, my massage therapist recommended I see a doctor. … At the beginning I experienced all-day pain. Eventually, I only had pain off and on, plus it wasn’t as intense. My neck seems more flexible and I can turn my head farther to the side.

“I am very pleased. I learned a lot about how chiropractic care works and what to expect from my treatments. Dr. Fiss explains things so well; it’s easy to understand. Also, Dr. Bosko is very nice and does a thorough job. … You don’t have to wonder why you are there or why you are getting certain treatments. Everything is made clear beforehand. Plus, everyone is very aware of keeping you at a nice pace to not waste your time. Great place!”

~Denise C.

Sciatica pain relief

“I had sciatica pain that regular doctors seemed unable to help. Now, pain is greatly reduced and I’ve drastically cut back on pain meds. Top-notch care.” ~Chambersburg Chiropractic patient